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  Topic name: Alumni News

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: Alumni News
Rod on Jan 16, 2009 - 10:24 AM
Alumni News

Brothers (White Roses),

I hope that those of you that have recently joined Facebook have found it fun and interesting tracking down those from your past!

The topic has recently come up of possibly re-uniting for our 20 year anniversary (XX Fest). I for one had a great time meeting and talking to all those alumni I heard such great stories about when I was pledging.

If this is a sincere interest of the brotherhood to do this once again I would love to help organize it. Pat Cobb and Aaron Rospierski have said they would like to help out in the planning of this, if it is to come to fruition. We are currently around 339 members, this is alot of people to try to find, talk to, inform, and organize if we want this to be bigger and better then the first X Fest!

I\'m asking everyone to get involved to an extent and track down those that are not already part of brotherhood currently on Facebook. I would like everyone to contact your little brothers, big brothers, pledge class members and white roses. If we double up on contacting people GREAT! The more people we can persuade to join the easier it is for all of us to stay in contact. I\'m sure there are a couple brothers out there you all have been wondering about.

Between Emails, cell numbers, home numbers, Myspace, Twitter, Plaxo, the old alumni site, whitepages.com, etc. this should not be such a daunting task if we all chip in. I kept looking at lists and feeling overwhelmed knowing how many people there are.

Some of the ideas floating around would be to have XX Fest during Formal weekend which is generally at the end of April. I doubt this would give us enough time to coordinate and plan an event such as this. My thought was to plan it for Alumni weekend towards the end of October in conjunction with Behrend\'s. This would allow for alot of activities for the whole family to be planned. I\'m sure we can fit in some time down at Jimmies too.

I would like to ask people to invite people to Join the Sig Tau - DY Private Page for the organization of this, because we can send mass emails rather easily. Once people join Facebook all their information will be up to date and informs people when they update other information. If there are qualms of people joining and privacy, all these can be taken care of through the privacy settings.

I would love for this to take shape and be able to plan a great XX Fest! If nothing else just to find those that we have not talked to or seen in some time.

Thank You for you time!

Jarrod Stanton
ROD - \"Warren\"

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Where are they now : Finally found you all!
: Alumni News
Rikka on Feb 05, 2008 - 07:53 PM
Alumni News

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Social Events : Wallack's Eventual Death This Friday
: Alumni News
Clark on Dec 12, 2007 - 05:42 PM
Alumni News

As some people know an Alumni of ours, Chris Wallack, is going to move to Pittsburgh at the end of this year. For one last shebang, he is going to attempt to do a shot from every bottle behind the bar at Jimmy Z's, or 73 shots. It's going to go on from 11 AM until they kick him out on this Friday, January 14th.

If anyone is interested in buying him a shot, I am going to keep track of who gets what, so we don't have any confusion. Email me if you want to pick your booze, first come first serve.

Or, just show up.


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Announcements : Behrend Alumni Weekend & FREE Wine Tour
: Alumni News
KMac on Jul 30, 2007 - 09:42 PM
Alumni News

Just to let all you guys know that this year's Behrend Alumni Reunion Weekend is September 28 - September 30. This will probably be our alumni weekend with the alumni association's meeting.

Also, to let all of you alumni and actives know that this year they have brought back the infamous FREE wine tour. Who doesn't remember the one from 2 years ago where everyone bought bottles of wine and passed them around on the way to the next tour , Hendo tried to ride the tractor at one of the winerys and Hendo passed out on the way back to campusand the driver had to wake him up after everyone got off the bus.

So go to this website to register http://www.behrend.psu.edu/alumni/ReunionRegistration07.htm

When you check the box for the wine tour there is actually a typo there that says lake shore wing tour.

* Alumni Nine Hole Golf Scramble
* Free Family Lunch
* Family Circus Activities and afternoon Jazz Concert
* Lake Shore Wine Tour
* Penn State Creamery Ice Cream
* Horse Drawn Trolley Rides
* Autumn Tours of the Behrend Arboretum
* Family Dinner Under the Big Top
* And much more!

Note: Alumni meeting to be held sometime that weekend... Time/place TBD

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Where are they now : Finally Graduating
: Alumni News
Bekah on Mar 30, 2007 - 10:12 AM
Alumni News

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: Warofka's (House) Bachelor Party - Join the party!!
: Alumni News
pgash147 on Oct 20, 2006 - 06:12 AM
Alumni News


I am starting to organize a bachelor party for Scott Warofka and you are all invited.. For many of us old married guys this is not just a good friends bachelor party, it is a last chance to be part of a weekend of unadulterated bliss where we can reminisce with old friends and create bonds with new friends. If you are interested in joining the party, please read on.

Guest of Honor: Scott Warofka (AKA - Bull, House, Flounder)
Location: Sin City (Las Vegas)
Dates: St. Patty's Day weekend 2007 (March 16 - 18) -Subject to change

We are planning on booking cheap hotel rooms on the strip . Details to follow soon.

Most people I've talked to will arrive on Friday, March 16th in the early afternoon and take the red eye back on Sunday the 18th. Currently flights out of Pittsburgh are around $350 - $400 roundtrip.

Scott wants a BIG party - so this is open to anyone you think would be a good addition to the party!

I will be coordinating Scott's bachelor party so if anyone has any questions, suggestions, comments, or wants to be added to our email distribution list please don't hesitate to contact me at: 704.489.1431 or via email at bgore147@bellsouth.net.

Brian Gore
P-gash #147

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: Alumni Meeting Saturday
: Alumni News
Clark on Oct 18, 2006 - 05:28 PM
Alumni News

The meeting we are having will be in Conference Room 236 in the REDC building, at 11. We couldn't do it in Reed because all the rooms are reserved for the Alumni Weekend events. You can park in the Junker Center for sure, but I'm not sure if they are letting people park in the (closer) teacher's lot on the weekends.

Even if you don't think you are going come and hang out Friday or Saturday night, please come to the meeting if possible. Our brotherhood has gone through many changes this semester but we still need the help of our alumnis.


Note: No idea where any of these places are.. but hopefully people will find them.

A map:
- Lindner

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: 2006 Behrend Alumni Reunion Registration
: Alumni News
Rod on Oct 17, 2006 - 08:19 AM
Alumni News


Just a little reminder for everyone that plans on attending the alumni weekend this weekend up in erie. There is a registration form at this website.


It give the college information on who is going to be there and who get the packets of information at Reed Hall. You can also sign up for many events, some free some not. WINE TOUR FREE! The Tour was a great time last year. This is avery family oriented alumni weekend with many dinners, lunches, social events and things for the kids to participate in. Plus never for the the biggest attraction for all Jimmy Z's Playground. Maybe one of these years we can get a nice turnout and get that picture to hang in Jimmy\'s (He is OK with it.) like we always say we are going to do. It supposed to be a nice weekend in erie 51 degrees and mostly sunny all day on saturday! There is the Alumni meeting in the reed building at 11 AM on saturday morning. Come converse with the active chapter see what they are up to, ask questions, mainly a round table discussions and situations of both the actives and alumni. Hopefully Morton will bring some football gear, and we can take on those actives, they arent that big.

I hope many of you can make it this year, especially all you close guys, ie Meadville, the burgh, cleveland?, buffalo? and everyone in between.

If anyone does get up and wants to see the current "house" it is located at 2036 Station Road, its grey with burgundy trim, four houses up from the old one. Yes, they still can use the church parking lot for parking, but towing is strictly inforced on sunday morning.


"Warren" #228

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Where are they now : Any Brothers living in Florida
: Alumni News
denning on Sep 04, 2006 - 05:12 PM
Alumni News

It's been a while and not everybody is going to know who I am, but I now live outside of Jacksonville, FL and was wondering if there were any brothers living in Florida. It seems the farther away you get from Erie the more you miss the old days. If anybody is living in Florida or just passing through the Jacksonville area give me a call or send me an email letting me know where you live or when you're passing through. It would sure be nice to see some familiar faces!

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: Wouldn't Call It News, But I Have A Question.
: Alumni News
Labasik on Aug 21, 2006 - 03:31 PM
Alumni News

Well first I would like to apologize for not being in touch for so long. I used to get emails from some of the brothers, but now I just hear from Bungee once in a blue moon. I travelled trough Erie this weekend on my way to Niagara Falls. It had been probably a year and a half since I had seen Erie. During the trip I went by the house and saw that our letters were proudly displayed. I remember everybody shooting down the idea of putting out letters outside as it would advertise it was a \"frat house\". Like the police didn\'t already know we were there. Fast forward to this weekend. Again I apologize, but where\'s the house? Does the Brotherhood still own the property? Is there new property/house? If someone could fill me in I would appreciate it. I was going to show my wife where some of the best times I\'ve ever had took place. I was almost speechless when I saw it was gone. Luckily Coney Island is still around the corner. Every time I see Coney Island I think of Yaz puking up Fruit Loops at 3:00 AM. Those were the days.

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