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Last 5 Comments
: Active/Alumni Eboard Meeting
: Formal
JohnnyCash302 on Apr 25, 2007 - 07:46 PM

Alumni Eboard members:

Are all of you planning on being in Erie for Friday evening/night? There was talk of scheduling a dinner followed by a meeting between the two eboards, but all active members and alumni would be welcome. If that sounds interesting for Friday evening let me know. If that falls through we can easily meet Saturday morning/afternoon. There are a few topics that need to be discussed and like I said before all brothers are welcome to attend.

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Where are they now : Luke Rex is getting married.
: Engagements / Weddings
Quasi on Apr 19, 2007 - 05:28 PM
Engagements / Weddings

Luke is getting married this summer and he is going to be having a bachelor party around Memorial Day. He wants all the guys who can to come down to Clarion for a canoe trip...no we can\'t camp out on the island and then go to some titty bars.

If you are interested contact Luke @ 724 813 1898 (cell) so he can tell you all the details.

So come on down and get drunk with Luke, especially you old guys.


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: Formal
: Formal
twitch0311 on Apr 13, 2007 - 12:20 PM

I did not know I could post shit. Sweet. Ok, thank you Rod for posting stuff about formal on here and for ignoring all my phone calls. Yeah I had cancel formal for the 21st after I had already booked everything because I was informed by Ray Immekus that everyone would be attending Lewis Black on Saturday the 21st and not coming to formal until later that night.

Yeah our alumni contact list does not even exist so I will try to work on that.

Formal is at the Travelodge on Rt. 8 on 4/28/07
Call 814-825-3100

I have a block reserved and only expect about 100-110 people so I would call and reserve a room. There are 32 rooms available for those that want their own room. When you reserve a room it is for Sigma Tau Gamma under Chris Bird. Have a credit card ready although it will not be charged till you check out.

Current issues with formal: I had to sign a contract stating that no one will have alcohol in the hallways so get a pop bottle or anything with a lid, I don\'t care. I have not yet talked to the security guard but we have to have one. I was told that anyone caught with alcohol in the hallways will be tossed out and the whole fraternity could possibly be thrown out. Certain people are not allowed to come to formal at all and if they are seen at any point in time they will be asked to leave. If they do not, and it does not matter if your alumni or not, and you harbor them in your room YOU will be asked to leave first by active eboard then by security. If ANYONE has a question about this or a problem call me and I will explain why. 724 747 5069

The meal includes salad, fruit salad, rotini w/ meat sauce, baked chicken, apple pie, and chocolate cake. All buffet style.

Check in around 3pm, Cash Bar at 6pm(no open bar), Dinner awards etc 6:30pm, DJ and ballroom till midnight

Tickets are $40 for actives and $50 for alumni
Hotel rooms are $65 plus tax(damn summer rates)

Questions and Comments
email me at bird@psu.edu


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Where are they now : Finally Graduating
: Alumni News
Bekah on Mar 30, 2007 - 10:12 AM
Alumni News

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: Formal
Rod on Mar 10, 2007 - 07:33 AM

Well I guess none of the Actives use email or the "internet" for anything and don't know about this site.

Formal ,if you heard about it, already WAS set for April 21st, but apparently there is a little known comedian on campus that day called Lewis Black, so of course Formal has been changed. Damn Priorities.

The NEW date for formal is ONE WEEK later on the 28th of April, so Dan Jaecks, your gonna have to change your plane ticket. Hanlon, your underage molesting will have to be postponed for one week. Just wanted to let everyone know through the site and i\'ll be sending out an email to confirm this. Some of the actives apparently dont keep very good records,email addresses or know that the steam engine is obselete.

Ta Ta for now! Hope some more of ya can make it this year. I'm sick of looking at Seese.


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: Formal 2007
: Formal
Clark on Mar 10, 2007 - 07:32 AM

Formal this year will be held on April 21 at the Travelodge of of Route 8 again. If you are interested in coming this year we need you to contact us ASAP. Email me at asc5004@psu.edu or call me at 724 316 9559. Even if you are unsure whether you are coming or not please get ahold of me so we can get an approximate number so we can get a wing to ourselves again.

Also, the night before we\'d like to hold an alumni/active meeting. The time will be determined later once we find out when people can come and we will probably hold it on campus.

Any questions, just hit up my phone.


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: Jamie McGill
: Chapter Eternal and loved ones
Jobermeier on Feb 05, 2007 - 12:30 AM
Chapter Eternal and loved ones

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: Outback Bowl Tickets
: Sports
kocijan on Dec 08, 2006 - 12:15 PM

If anyone needs tickets to the Outback Bowl, please let me know. Call me at 904-333-5270 or send me an email at BKocijan@Florida-Law.com

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: Warofka's (House) Bachelor Party - Join the party!!
: Alumni News
pgash147 on Oct 20, 2006 - 06:12 AM
Alumni News


I am starting to organize a bachelor party for Scott Warofka and you are all invited.. For many of us old married guys this is not just a good friends bachelor party, it is a last chance to be part of a weekend of unadulterated bliss where we can reminisce with old friends and create bonds with new friends. If you are interested in joining the party, please read on.

Guest of Honor: Scott Warofka (AKA - Bull, House, Flounder)
Location: Sin City (Las Vegas)
Dates: St. Patty's Day weekend 2007 (March 16 - 18) -Subject to change

We are planning on booking cheap hotel rooms on the strip . Details to follow soon.

Most people I've talked to will arrive on Friday, March 16th in the early afternoon and take the red eye back on Sunday the 18th. Currently flights out of Pittsburgh are around $350 - $400 roundtrip.

Scott wants a BIG party - so this is open to anyone you think would be a good addition to the party!

I will be coordinating Scott's bachelor party so if anyone has any questions, suggestions, comments, or wants to be added to our email distribution list please don't hesitate to contact me at: 704.489.1431 or via email at bgore147@bellsouth.net.

Brian Gore
P-gash #147

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: Alumni Meeting Saturday
: Alumni News
Clark on Oct 18, 2006 - 05:28 PM
Alumni News

The meeting we are having will be in Conference Room 236 in the REDC building, at 11. We couldn't do it in Reed because all the rooms are reserved for the Alumni Weekend events. You can park in the Junker Center for sure, but I'm not sure if they are letting people park in the (closer) teacher's lot on the weekends.

Even if you don't think you are going come and hang out Friday or Saturday night, please come to the meeting if possible. Our brotherhood has gone through many changes this semester but we still need the help of our alumnis.


Note: No idea where any of these places are.. but hopefully people will find them.

A map:
- Lindner

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