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Announcements : Practice makes perfect
: News from around the world
Lindner on Jan 08, 2008 - 12:07 AM
News from around the world

We would like to congratulate Mike Orr, of Delta Upsilon and his teammate Jeremy Hughes for winning the World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP) III tournament this past weekend in Las Vegas!


Video of our boy in action (team "Chauffeuring the Fat Kid" is on the left!)

YouTube Comments link

Check out the comeback around 07:15

Congrats guys! Made us proud.

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Announcements : Behrend Alumni Weekend & FREE Wine Tour
: Alumni News
KMac on Jul 30, 2007 - 09:42 PM
Alumni News

Just to let all you guys know that this year's Behrend Alumni Reunion Weekend is September 28 - September 30. This will probably be our alumni weekend with the alumni association's meeting.

Also, to let all of you alumni and actives know that this year they have brought back the infamous FREE wine tour. Who doesn't remember the one from 2 years ago where everyone bought bottles of wine and passed them around on the way to the next tour , Hendo tried to ride the tractor at one of the winerys and Hendo passed out on the way back to campusand the driver had to wake him up after everyone got off the bus.

So go to this website to register http://www.behrend.psu.edu/alumni/ReunionRegistration07.htm

When you check the box for the wine tour there is actually a typo there that says lake shore wing tour.

* Alumni Nine Hole Golf Scramble
* Free Family Lunch
* Family Circus Activities and afternoon Jazz Concert
* Lake Shore Wine Tour
* Penn State Creamery Ice Cream
* Horse Drawn Trolley Rides
* Autumn Tours of the Behrend Arboretum
* Family Dinner Under the Big Top
* And much more!

Note: Alumni meeting to be held sometime that weekend... Time/place TBD

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Announcements : Fall 2006 Alumni Weekend & Behrend Reunion
: Alumni Association News
Lindner on Sep 15, 2006 - 05:48 PM
Alumni Association News

Behrend is having their 2006 Alumni Reunion October 20th - 22nd this year. It has become the tradition that we will have our chapter Alumni weekend at the same time. Depending on plans, the chapter may have a dinner or other events go on.

We will hold our Alumni Association meeting on saturday. Time will depend on final times planned for some of the Behrend events. (we usually have our meeting at 11am.)
Also, their will be elections for new Alumni board officers.

So come on up to Erie and join in the fun. Behrend has planned events for the whole family for those of you with children (or just like to act like one).

Some events planned include:
* Sunday Brunch with the Dean
* Family Fun Carnival and Jazz Concert
* Free Picnic Lunch
* Athletics Hall of Fame Dinner
* Penn State Creamery Ice Cream
* Alumni Nine Hole Golf Scramble
* Horse Drawn Trolley Rides
* Tours of the new Behrend Arboretum
* Open House in Astronomy at the Mehalso Observatory
* Popular Faculty Seminars: \"Classes You May Have Missed.\"

Last year their was even a wine tour that Hendo got piss drunk at and passed out on the bus. Not sure if the tour is going on this year.

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Announcements : Calling all brothers
: Alumni Association News
Lindner on Jul 25, 2005 - 08:30 PM
Alumni Association News


As some of you may know, the house and the chapter needs our help. The house has fallen on hard times and we are seeking the assistance and support of all the members, both new and old, of the chapter for help. Due to many different house related issues, we will be needing a new house. The issue are ones that this chapter has always had, the structure of the house and its repair, and it should not surprise anyone that this has happened. It was only time. We want to work towards a future goal of a new house, but unfortunately the current financial situation of the alumni association does not allow us to begin work on those big plans at this time. We are seeking help to raise money to save the future of the chapter be it in one way or another.


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Announcements : Big Changes are a coming.. a new era
: Alumni Association News
Lindner on Apr 20, 2005 - 12:14 PM
Alumni Association News

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Announcements : New Fraternity Style, New Executive Board
: Active Chapter
KayloR69 on Apr 20, 2005 - 11:37 AM
Active Chapter

As our beloved fraternity will be undergoing a lot of restructuring in the very near future to accomodate the lack of big ugly house, a new executive board has been elected to assure that we survive fruitfully through the change. A comment was made about a lack of alumni knowledge of the actives, well here's information #1.

Our new Executive Board:
President - Ray Immekus
Exec. VP - Andy Meier
VP Prog. - Mike Chaplick
VP Memb. - Andy Onda
VP Fin. - The Imfamous Kevin Mackowski

I have no doubts that this board will lead us through this mess, and continue our legacies indefinately.

PS. I have a boner and Madl has an ugly dick


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Announcements : I believe the true spirit of fraternity...
: Alumni Association News
Lindner on Apr 13, 2005 - 07:36 AM
Alumni Association News

I attended the chapter meeting last night (April 12) as the actives discussed the various houseing plans for the future of the fraternity along with other items. I think it went very well and hopefully with this weekends other meetings we can all work together towards our goals.
Thank you to all the actives who have talked to me over the past few weeks, at formal and discussed things at last nights meeting. I think everyone there last night did a great job expressing their concerns, ideas and hopes for this chapter.

I had prepared something for the meeting to read but as the meeting ran long, and so much discussion about the issues was done I decided to simply post my message here on some things and let the actives or anyone else read them.

Changes and the Future - Brotherhood Meeting 2005-04-12

Yes, it is a bit on the long side as I just started to think about a lot of things that this chapter and its college members will be facing over the next decade. Feel free to share this with anyone you wish (its a PDF so it should be easy to email, or to link to) and comment on it. It is by no means everyone's view of our situation simply my own.


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Announcements : Find that land...
: Alumni Association News
Lindner on Apr 05, 2005 - 08:52 AM
Alumni Association News

It had been mentioned once that an alumni brother, or a the alumni's family may own some land up Jordon Road past I-90. The land would be past the point of campus.

Does anyone know who's family this may be? It has been brought up that the chapter may wish to purchase new land to build a new house on and we are trying to track this person down. If anyone remembers who, or knows of anyone who may know let me know ASAP. Kaylor and the actives think Anderegg may have known who owned the land, but noone has any contact info for him...

If anyone has any info please let me or Chris laugelli know.

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Announcements : Mmmmm, Phat Pad
: Active Chapter
KayloR69 on Aug 03, 2004 - 07:09 AM
Active Chapter

Well, this site sucks right now. But if ANYONE decides to browse it, we are in the process of revitalizing the Phat Pad into a double apartment. This summer project should be done within the next month, and I will be updating the pictures in a few days. But check it out. . .

Phat Pad Progress

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Announcements : I'm baaaaack
: Website News
Lindner on Jul 22, 2004 - 10:14 PM
Website News

As you may have noticed the site was under contruction for a while. The site should be back up and working now for the most part. Some areas are still under construction and will be added back slowly.

The photo gallery, calendar, forum will be back shortly..

Also, if anyone (esp actives) wants to give input on to the direction the site should take (content, look, features, etc) let me know. Hopefully we can start to get more usage out of the site. Alumni, what would you like the site to contain too.

I am looking for ideas, feedback, and for more people to maybe get involved with the site. Both in using it, and in contributing to the content and future of it. Dont like something about the site or anything, let me know.

Hope everyone is doing well.. shoot me an email sometime


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